AIX Health Check basic

AIX Health Check

To view overall performance.
-D Display all disks status
-M Memory
-P DIsplay all processes and sorted based on CPU utilization

To view CPU utilization.
sar -u 5 5

To view swap utilization.
lsps -a

To view memory utlization.
svmon -G #OR ps aux |sort -nrk 4| head -10

To view hardware info.

To view IP configured.
ifconfig -a

To view gateway.
netstat -rn

To check statstic of network interface (duplex?)
entstat -d en2

To view filesystem mounted

Configuration file to configure hard mount.
cat /etc/filesystems

To shutdown.
shutdown               #shutdown after 60s
shutdown now       #shutdown now
shutdown -F          #shutdown forcefully

To reboot.
shutdown -r          #reboot - flush cache to disk
shutdown -Fr       #reboot forcefully
reboot                  #Do not flush cache to disk

To check runlevel.
who -r

To list configured services and their status.
lssrc -a

Configuration files of services during startup.

To start a service.
startsrc -s qdaemon
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