Terminal based "The Matrix" like implementation


CMatrix is based on the screensaver from The Matrix website. It shows text flying in and out in a terminal like as seen in "The Matrix" movie. It can scroll lines all at the same rate or asynchronously and at a user-defined speed.

CMatrix by default operates in eye candy mode. It must be aborted with control-c (Ctrl+C) or by pressing q. If you wish for more of a screen saver effect, you must specify -s on the command line. For usage info, use cmatrix -h.

Build Status


You'll probably need a decent ncurses library to get this to work.

Building and installing cmatrix

To install cmatrix, use either of the following methods from within the cmatrix directory.

Using configure (recommended for most linux user)

autoreconf -i  # skip if using released tarball
make install

Using CMake

Here we also show an out-of-source build in the sub directory "build".

mkdir -p build
cd build
# to install to "/usr/local"
cmake ..
# or to install to "/usr"
make install

Running cmatrix

After you have installed cmatrix just run cmatrix to run cmatrix :)

To get the program to look most like the movie, use cmatrix -lba To get the program to look most like the Win/Mac screensaver, use cmatrix -ol

Valuable information

If you have any suggestions/flames/patches to send, please feel free to open issues and if possible solve them in PRs via Github.

Note: cmatrix is probably not particularly portable or efficient, but it wont hog too much CPU time

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