LVM: Remove a Filesystem / Logical Volume

LVM: Remove a Filesystem / Logical Volume

# Tested on RHEL 5, 6 & 7


VG=`mount | awk '{if ( $3 == "'$MNTPT'" ) print$1}' | cut -f4 -d'/' | cut -f1 -d '-'`
LV=`mount | awk '{if ( $3 == "'$MNTPT'" ) print$1}' | cut -f4 -d'/' | cut -f2 -d '-'`

umount $MNTPT

lvremove $VG/$LV
   Do you really want to remove active logical volume testlv? [y/n]: y
     Logical volume "testlv" successfully removed

vi /etc/fstab        # Remove corresponding line
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