Linux - How to get Memory information

Linux - How to get Memory information

Question : How to show information of memory stick [DIMM] in Linux?
Answer : Command dmidecode with option "t" followed by parameter "memory" could be used to show hardware information of memory stick [DIMM] in Linux.
Example :
[root@server ~]# dmidecode -t memory

Question : How to get number of memory stick [DIMM] installed in Linux?
Answer : dmidecode command can be used to list memory information in Linux. A quick way to get the number of memory stick installed would be couple dmidecode with grep command.
Example :
[root@server ~]# dmidecode -t memory|grep -i speed|grep -v Unknown|wc -l

Question : How to get the size of memory stick [DIMM] installed in Linux?
Answer : Used dmidecode command to display information for memory stick and look for size parameter. Quick way would be to use grep command seaching for keyword size.
Example :
[root@server ~]# dmidecode -t memory|grep -i size|grep -v No
Size: 4096 MB

Question : How to show memory [in MB] used in Linux?
Answer : Command "free -m" could be used to display memory usage in Linux
Example :
[root@server ~]# free -m
total used free shared buffers cached
Mem: 7979 7006 972 0 198 3058
-/+ buffers/cache: 3749 4229
Swap: 32767 0 32767

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