RHCS6: Show/Add GFS2/GFS journals

RHCS: Show/Add GFS2/GFS journals

# Tested on RHEL 6/gfs2 and RHEL 5/gfs

# GFS2 -------------------------------

# Showing journals of a gfs2 filesystem

gfs2_tool journals /<mountpoint>

   journal2 - 128MB
   journal3 - 128MB
   journal1 - 128MB
   journal0 - 128MB
   4 journal(s) found.

# Adding journals to a gfs2 filesystem

gfs2_jadd -j <journals_to_add> -J <journal_size_in_MB> /<mountpoint>

# GFS --------------------------------

# Showing journals of a gfs filesystem is a little bit more complex

# There's no "journals" option. We have to use "jindex" instead but output
# is a bit cryptic; it shows the number of 64K segments

gfs_tool jindex /<mountpoint> | egrep "Journal|segment"
   Journal 0:
     ji_nsegment = 2048
   Journal 1:
     ji_nsegment = 2048
   Journal 2:
     ji_nsegment = 2048
   Journal 3:
     ji_nsegment = 2048

# In this case we have 2048 seg * 64K/seg = 128M

# Adding journals to a gfs filesystem

gfs_jadd -j <journals_to_add> -J <journal_size_in_MB> /<mountpoint>
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