RHEL: How to change a USER/GROUP UID/GID and all owned files

RHEL: How to change a USER/GROUP UID/GID and all owned files

# How to change a UID/GID and all belonging files


# Assign a new UID to USER. Any files which the user owns and which are located in the
# directory tree rooted at the user's home directory will have the file user ID changed
# automatically. Files outside of the user's home directory must be altered manually.

usermod -u $NEWUID $USER

# Assign a new GID to GROUP. Any files which the old group ID is the file group ID must
# have the file group ID changed manually.

groupmod -g $NEWGID $GROUP

# Manually change files with old UID

find / -user $OLDUID -exec chown -h $USER {} \;

# Manually change files with old GID

find / -group $OLDGID -exec chgrp -h $GROUP {} \;
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