Install OpenVPN On CentOS / RHEL 7

Security is most important aspect in internet. Outsiders can monitor internet traffic between your computer and the web. Here the importance of VPN comes. VPN, or virtual private network, is a secure method of connecting remote internet resources together as if they were under the same LAN. OpenVPN is a popular open source application that implements a virtual private network. works on Linux, Windows, and Mac operating systems. It can be utilized to create a secure connection between physically distributed servers.

This Article explains How to install and configure OpenVPN in centOS 7 server.


  • CentOS / RHEL 7 server.
  • root access to the server.
  • Domain or sub-domain that resolves to your server that you can use for the certificates

OpenVpn isn’t available in the default CentOS repositories. So we need to install Enterprise Linux (EPEL) repository. Use the following command to install EPEL repository.


Step 1 — Installing OpenVPN

First, We are going to install in the server by issuing the following command.


Step 2 —  Install Easy RSA

For generating our SSL key pairs, which will secure our VPN connections. Execute the following command:


Step 3 — Configuring OpenVPN

We can find an example configuration file in its documentation directoryWe need to copy the sampleserver.confby the following command.

Open the file in your favorite editor, I’m using editor,

Most of the lines just need to be uncommented (remove the </article></div></span>
													</div><div class=

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