RHEL: Enabling standard ftp/telnet

# Tested on RHEL 5

# By default system is as secured as to be accesible only via ssh/sftp.

# Enabling ftp
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# 1.- Edit File /etc/xinetd.d/gssftp and change following line:

# from

   disable = yes

# to

   disable = no

# This modification can be carried out by issuing 'chkconfig' command too:

chkconfig gssftp [ on | off ]

# In the same file, replace this line:

   server_args = -l -a

# by

   server_args = -l

# 2.- Reiniciar el demonio xinetd

/etc/init.d/xinetd restart

# or

service xinetd restart

# or

skill -HUP xinetd

# or

kill -HUP <xinetd_PID>

# Enabling telnet
# ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

# 1.- If not installed, install a telnet server, for instance telnet-server-0.17-39.el5

# 2.- Disable (if enabled) kerberos telnet service and enabled the new one:

chkconfig krb5-telnet off
chkconfig ekrb5-telnet off

chkconfig telnet on

chkconfig --list | grep -i telnet
   ekrb5-telnet:   off
   krb5-telnet:    off
   telnet:         off

# 3.- Edit /etc/securetty file and add new access for pts connections:

# 4.- Restart xinetd daemon

/etc/init.d/xinetd restart

# or

service xinetd restart

# or

skill -HUP xinetd

# or

kill -HUP xinetd

# 5.- In case of access problems, comment out following line in /etc/pam.d/login file:

   auth required pam_securetty.so

# and restart xinetd daemon

# Note: Take into account that it may be necessary to adjust conveniently iptables subsystem.
#       In addition to this, on RHEL 6, if active, we'll have to adjust SELinux configuration.

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