RHCS6: Clustered LVM

RHCS: Clustered LVM

# Tested on RHEL 6

# Clustered LVM allows us to use a regular LVM volume group and logical volume on shared
# storage, making all the objects accessible to all cluster nodes at the same time.

# Clustered LVM uses 'clvmd' daemon, responsible to propagate metadata changes to all
# cluster nodes.

# Please, take into account that unless you configure a cluster-aware filesystem (as GFS)
# only one node should mount the filesystem at a time, otherwise LVM will not prevent you
# from corrupting data.

# To configure clustered LVM, all cluster nodes must be configured to use LVM clustered
# locking. This can be done by either changing "locking-type" to '3' in /etc/lvm/lvm.conf
# configuration file or by running:

lvmconf --enable-cluster

# 'clvmd' daemon must be enabled on all cluster nodes:

chkconfig clvmd on
service clvmd restart
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