RHCS6: Luci - the cluster management console

RHCS: Luci - the cluster management console

# Tested on RHEL 6

# The Red Hat High Availability Add-On includes a web based management framework for
# deploying, configuring and managing a high availability cluster known as Conga that
# includes two components: an agent running on all nodes, 'ricci', and a management console
# called 'luci'

# All communications between 'luci' and 'ricci' are done through default port 11111

# When 'luci' authenticates with a 'ricci' node for the first time, the password for the
# local 'ricci' user on the node running 'ricci' will be used. Authentication to the 'luci'
# console is handed via 'pam' on the node running 'luci'.
# Users other than 'root' will have zero privileges

# Installing 'luci'

yum install luci

chkconfig luci on

service luci start

# To connect to 'luci' management console:

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