Rootvg Mirroring in AIX

Server is having 1 hard disk (hdisk0) in which OS is installed.
The procedure will give step by step guide to attach a new hard disk to a running AIX machine and configure root mirroring.

hdisk0          0005e8d264d0ec83                    rootvg          active

The output shows only one disk, i.e, hdisk0


1. Attach a new disk to the machine.
2. Run cfgmgr command in the machine to scan for new disk


3. Once the scanning is done, it should show a new disk in the #lspv output

# lspv
hdisk0          0005e8d264d0ec83                    rootvg          active
hdisk1          0005e8d2821e8e0e                    none            none

4. If the PVID is not shown for the disk hdisk1, then you need to activate PV ID in the new disk.Enter the following command to do so:

#chdev -l hdisk1 -a pv=yes

Now run the lspv command to check the disks


5. Extend the rootvg

#extendvg rootvg hdisk1

Use lspv and check the output now

# lspv
hdisk0          0005e8d264d0ec83                    rootvg          active
hdisk1          0005e8d2821e8e0e                    rootvg            none

6. Disable Quoram for rootvg

#chvg -Q n rootvg

7. Mirror the rootvg

#mirrorvg -s rootvg

8. Sync the rootvg to remove the stale status of LVs

#syncvg -v rootvg

Watch out for the progress of sync. Once the sync is completed, you wont find any stale LP/PPs in the VG information. To check the stale status of the VG, use the command

#lsvg rootvg

9. Install the boot strap program on the new disk hdisk1

#bosboot -ad hdisk1

10. Add the new disk hdisk1 also to the bootable devices list

#bootlist -m normal hdisk1 hdisk0

11. Reboot the machine to check if the OS can be booted from the mirrored disk

#shutdown -Fr

12. Once the OS is booted, check from which the OS has booted,

#bootinfo -b

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