AIX- Procedure to replace rootvg harddisk

Procedure of replacing rootvg failed hdisk


1)Ensure all LV in VG are mirrored. (lsvg -l rootvg)

2) unmirrorvg rootvg hdisk1 ( eg for hdisk1 is failed)

3) Check for any more LV on the hdisk to be removed (lspv -l hdiskx)

4) reducevg rootvg hdisk1 (if you receive error)

nlxenc06:a207081> reducevg rootvg hdisk1

0516-016 ldeletepv: Cannot delete physical volume with allocated

partitions. Use either migratepv to move the partitions or

reducevg with the -d option to delete the partitions.

0516-884 reducevg: Unable to remove physical volume hdisk1.

5) after getting error , try for reducevg -d rootvg hdisk1

even if you receive error

0516-914 rmlv: Warning, all data belonging to logical volume

hd7x on physical volume hdisk1 will be destroyed.

rmlv: Do you wish to continue? y(es) n(o)? y

0516-1252 rmlv: Warning, cannot remove logical volume hd7x.

This logical volume is also used as the secondary dump device.

Reset the dump device and retry the command.

0516-884 reducevg: Unable to remove physical volume hdisk1.

6) try rmlv hd7x (if you get still error)

nlxenc06:a207081> lsvg -p rootvg



hdisk0 active 542 17 00..00..00..00..17

hdisk1 active 542 512 93..108..108..108..95

problem was here for hd7x

7) create a file through touch command

touch /dev/sysdumpnull

8) sysdumpdev -Ps /dev/sysdumpnull

(changing hd7x to sysdumpnull by passing above command)

9) rmlv hd7x

10) Use Hot Plug manage to replace disk.

11) After replacement, add disk back into vg8) attach the new disk. cfgmgr -v.

12) extendvg rootvg hdisk1

13) mirrorvg rootvg hdisk1

14) varryonvg rootvg

15) bootlist -m normal -o

16) bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk0

17) bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk1

18) bootlist -m normal hdisk0 hdisk1

19) create a lv hd7x ( sysdump) and assign it to hdisk1 (eg was 30pps)

20) sysdumpdev -l

21) sysdumpdev -Ps /dev/hd7x

22) sysdumpdev -l

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