Unlock User ID in IBM AIX

AIX Version:

Note: Required root or sudo access to perform this function.
To unlock an user that’s locked from several unsuccessful login attempts, follow the steps below. Replace <userid> with userid that needs to be unlocked in below.

If the user remembers the old password, skip this step and go to next. Else, execute the following command to reset the password and will be asked to enter the new password twice to confirm.
# passwd <userid>
$ sudo passwd <userid>

Execute the following command to reset unsuccessful login attempts count
# chsec -f /etc/security/lastlog -a unsuccessful_login_count=0 -s <userid>
$ sudo chsec -f /etc/security/lastlog -a unsuccessful_login_count=0 -s <userid>

Execute the below command to reset the lock switch
# chuser account_locked=false <userid>
$ sudo chuser account_locked=false <userid>

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