vfcpmap on VIO Server

vfcpmap on VIO Server


vfcmap command maps and unmaps the virtual fibre channel adapter to the physical fibre channel port.

To Map the virtual fibre channel ,vfchost1 to the physical fibre channel port, fcs0

# vfcmap -vadapter vfchost0 -fcp fcs0

To unmap the virtual fibre channel, vfchost3 to the physical fibre channel port, fcs3

# vfcmap -vadapter vfchost3 -fcp

USB Drive Mount Procedure on AIX Server.

1.Connect the USB drive to the server and discover it in OS.

2. Find the newly detected USB device name:
     #lsdev -C|grep usbms

    Ex: assume the newly detected device name is usbms0

3. create the filesystem on USB drive:
           #mkfs -V jfs2 -o ea=v2 /dev/usbms0
4. Create the mount point and mount the drive on it.
       #mkdir /usbdrive
       #mount -o log=NULL /dev/usbms0 /usbdrive
5. Check is drive mounted or not:
        # df -g|grep usbdrive
6. copy the data to it
        #cp /work/test.txt /usbdrive
        #ls -l /usbdrive  -- should show test.txt file in it.

Recovery From A Deleted /dev Directory in AIX



Note that AIX recreates most of /dev on boot, but we need a certain amount.

Problem(Abstract): The /dev directory was accidentally deleted.
Symptom: System wont boot
Environment: AIX 5.3 (and others)
Resolving the problem

Boot system into maintenance mode.
Access a root volume group before mounting filesystems

mount /dev/hd4 /mnt
mount /dev/hd2 /mnt/usr
mknod /mnt/dev/hd1 b 10 8
mknod /mnt/dev/hd2 b 10 5
mknod /mnt/dev/hd3 b 10 7
mknod /mnt/dev/hd4 b 10 4
mknod /mnt/dev/hd5 b 10 1
mknod /mnt/dev/hd6 b 10 2
mknod /mnt/dev/hd8 b 10 3
mknod /mnt/dev/hd9var b 10 6
umount /mnt/usr
umount /mnt
shutdown -Fr

How to view system Serial Number in AIX


# lsconf | grep -i "Machine Serial"

# prtconf | grep -i "Machine Serial"

# lsattr -El sys0 -a systemid

AIX Logs:

List of AIX Logs

/var/adm/ras/lvmcfg.log         # lvm log file shows what lvm commands were used (alog -ot lvmcfg)

alog -L                # List the defined log types

alog -o -t boot                # View the boot log

alog -o -t console        # View the console log


Viewing the contents of a disk without varying on the VG in AIX


To view a disk without varying it on:

# lqueryvg -p hdisk0 -L
00c9b6fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.1   backup_lv 1
00c9b6fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.2   loglv01 1
00c9b6fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.3   fslv19 1
00c9b6fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.4   was70bkp 1
00c9b6fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.5   paging00 1
00c9b6fb00004c000000013a8c97f698.6   fixes_lv 1
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