Trick to Purge/Clean Swap Usage on AIX

Trick to Purge/Clean Swap Usage on AIX

And, “of course” after solving what was using to much swap space, you got already a good space that needs to be free, well, we’re here to do the trick!

# lsps -a
Page Space      Physical Volume   Volume Group    Size %Used Active  Auto  Type Chksum
hd6             hdisk0            rootvg         512MB    34   yes   yes    lv     0
# chps -d 1 hd6
shrinkps: Temporary paging space paging00 created.
shrinkps: Dump device moved to temporary paging space.
shrinkps: Paging space hd6 removed.
shrinkps: Paging space hd6 recreated with new size.
shrinkps: Resized and original paging space characteristics differ,
check the lslv command output.
# chps -s 1 hd6
# lsps -a
Page Space      Physical Volume   Volume Group    Size %Used Active  Auto  Type Chksum
hd6             hdisk0            rootvg         512MB    18   yes   yes    lv     0


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