AIX, System Admin↑ The chrctcp command

The chrctcp command in not documented in AIX, but you can still use it to do nice things, especially when you are scripting. Some examples are:

To enable xntpd in /etc/rc.tcpip, and to start xntpd:

# chrctcp -S -a xntpd

To disable xntpd in /etc/rc.tcpip, and to stop xntpd:

# chrctcp -S -d xntpd

To enable xntpd in /etc/rc.tcpip, but not start xntpd:

# chrctcp -a xntpd

To disable xntpd in /etc/rc.tcpip, but to not stop xntpd:

# chrctcp -d xntpd

So, instead of manually editing /etc/rc.tcpip, you can use chrctcp to enable (uncomment), disable (comment) some services, and start and stop them in a single command.

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