AIX 6.1: Extend VG 0516-1714 extendvg 0516-1254 extendvg

AIX 6.1: Extend VG  0516-1714 extendvg  0516-1254 extendvg


AIX 6.1: Extend VG

In case error wrt PPs:
 0516-1254 extendvg: Changing the PVID in the ODM.
0516-1714 extendvg: The total number of partitions on the disks for this
        volume group would be 36788, which exceeds the current maxpps
        value of 32768.  Increase the maxpps value to 65536 using
        the chvg -P command, then retry.
0516-792 extendvg: Unable to extend volume group.
#  lsvg -p
Look for Max PPs per VG:
MAX PPs per VG:     32768 
# chvg -P 36636
# lsvg newdatavg
Value changed for PPs
MAX PPs per VG:     65536 
# extendvg
Add size to mounting point.
# chfs -a size=+200G
in case error to add size:
0516-787 extendlv: Maximum allocation for logical volume fslv03
        is 19700
# df -gt
    Look for which mount point Filesystem mapped. my case /dev/fslv03
# chlv -x 28800 fslv03
 chfs -a size=+200G
Verify by 
# df -gt
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