SNAP: It gathers system configuration information and compresses the information to a pax file.

This file can be downloaded later to a tape or a cd or can be sent to a remote system. This SNAP information is later used by IBM to resolve real time problems.

Only root user is allowed to run this command.

8 MB approx. Temp space is needed for SNAP information.

/tmp/ibmsupt is a default directory for SNAP output.

To write SNAP output to a different directory, use –d flag.

Each execution appends information to previously created file.

Use –r flag to remove the previous information.

Various SNAP commands are:

# snap –g

This command gathers ODM, error report, trace file, user environment, paging space, amount of physical memory, security user information and device information.

# snap –a

This command gathers all system information.

# snap –c

Creates a compressed pax image.

# snap –D

It gathers dump and /unix information.

# snap –e

This command gathers HACMP specific information from all nodes.

# snap –r

Removes the previous information.


# snap –ac –d <full path of the destination directory>

This command will gather all the system information, compress the pax image and finally saves the pax image in the specified directory.

# snap –r –d < full path of the destination directory >

This command will clear / remove all the collected snap data.

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Happy Learning!

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