Before running a snap .You need to Remove  old snap file.
# snap -r
For IBM Software Case.
Below command collect all the information.
# snap -ac  

For IBM Hardware Case
# snap -gc

snap  without  dump collection
# snap -aZc

# snap -gbc

Running snap with sudo. if  there is no authorization to run cp command.
Create file  snap.pax.Z in /tmp with your permissions and execute.
# snap -ac -d /tmp/


-@         Gathers the workload partition information.
-a           Gathers all system configuration information except HACMP™ data.
-A          Gathers asynchronous (TTY) information.
-b           Gathers SSA information.
-B          Bypasses collection of SSA adapter dumps. The -B flag only works when the -b flag is also   specified
-c          Creates a compressed pax image.
-C         Retrieves all the files in the fwdump_dir directory.
-D         Gathers dump and /unix information. The primary dump device is used.
-d          AbsolutePath  (You must specify the absolute path.)
-e          Gathers HACMP specific information. -e cannot be used with any other flags except -m and -d.
-f          Gathers file system information.
-F         Gathers flash adapter information.
-g         Gathers the output of the lslpp -hac command, which is required to recreate exact operating system environments.
-G        Includes predefined Object Data Manager (ODM) files in general information collected with the -g flag.
-i         Gathers installation debug vital product data (VPD) information.
-k        Gathers kernel information
-l         Gathers programming language information.
-L        Gathers LVM information.
-m Nodelist             Node name list (separated by commas) to gather HACMP information.
-M Timeout             Specifies the maximum time out value in seconds, that the snap frame work waits before it kills one registered external product debug data command. Default time out value is 300 seconds.
-n          Gathers Network File System (NFS) information.
-N         Suppresses the check for free space required.
-o OutputDevice     Copies the compressed image onto the specified device.
-O FileSplitSize      Used to enable splitting of the snap output files into smaller files. The size of these files is specified as a parameter to the -O option and must be specified in megabytes. This flag can only be used when the -c flag is specified.
-p         Gathers printer information.
-P Files             Retrieves the named Files from the fwdump_dir directory.
-r         Removes snap command output from the /tmp/ibmsupt directory.
-R        Gathers SCSI RAID information.
-s         Gathers Systems Network Architecture (SNA) information.
-S         Includes security files in general information collected with the -g flag.
-t          Gathers Transmission control protocol information.
-T Filename        Gathers all the log files for a multi-CPU trace. Only the base file, trcfile, is captured with the -g flag.
-v Component        Displays the output of the commands executed by the snap command. Use this flag to view the specified name or group of files.
-w          Gathers WLM information.
-X         Gathers X.25 (Packet-based Communication Protocol) information.
-Y         Gathers InfiniBand information and saves it in the /tmp/ibmsupt/IB directory.
-z          Facilitates debug data collection for external products.
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