bootlist multiple boot logical volume found

This describes how to resolve the following error when setting the bootlist:

# bootlist -m normal hdisk2 hdisk3
0514-229 bootlist: Multiple boot logical volumes found on 'hdisk2'.
Use the 'blv' attribute to specify the one from which to boot.

To resolve this: clear the boot logical volumes from the disks:

# chpv -c hdisk2
# chpv -c hdisk3

Verify that the disks can no longer be used to boot from by running:

# ipl_varyon -i

Then re-run bosboot on both disks:

# bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk2
bosboot: Boot image is 38224 512 byte blocks.
# bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk3
bosboot: Boot image is 38224 512 byte blocks.

Finally, set the bootlist again:

# bootlist -m normal hdisk2 hdisk3

Another way around it is by specifying hd5 using the blv attribute:

# bootlist -m normal hdisk2 blv=hd5 hdisk3 blv=hd5

This will set the correct boot logical volume, but the error will show up if you ever run the bootlist command again without the blv attribute.

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