How to mirror the rootvg in AIX?

How to mirror the rootvg in AIX?

This procedure is to assume the rootvg having hdisk0 and we need to take a mirror to hdisk1. 

  1. Ground work:


lspv                                 --> find out the none disk on the server for the mirroring.

bootinfo -s hdisk1            --> check the size of the hdisk1 (It should be equal or bigger than hdisk0)



  1. Mirror the rootvg


extendvg rootvg hdisk1             --> Extend hdisk1 into the rootvg (force to extend if it throws error "extendvg -f rootvg hdisk1")

mirrovg -S rootvg hdisk1           --> To initiate the mirror in background which help us to access the rootvg volume group

lsvg rootvg|grep -i stale      --> To check status of the sync process. (Execute the cmd again and again until the stale PPs becomes zero

lsvg -l rootvg                             --> Check and confirm the number of PPs is double than number of LPs.

bosboot -ad /dev/hdisk1            --> To create the boot images on hdisk1

bootlist -m normal hdisk0 hdisk1  -->  To add the hdisk1 on the bootlist.

bootlist -m normal -o           --> To confirm both hdisk0 and hdisk1 is part of the boot sequence.




  1. Validation


lsvg -l rootvg                        --> Check and confirm the number of PPs is double than number of LPs.

lsvg rootvg|grep -i stale       --> To check the number of stale pp is Zero




  1. Roll back


unmirrorvg rootvg hdisk1    --> To unmirror the hdisk1 in the mirroring.

reducevg rootvg hdisk1       --> To get the hdisk1 out of the rootvg

chpv -c hdisk1                         --> To Clear the boot image on the hdisk1

bootlist -m normal hdisk0    --> To remove hdisk1 on the boot sequence which means add the hdisk0 alone on the boot sequence.

bootlist -m normal -o           --> To confirm only hdisk0 is part of the boot sequence.




  1. Downtime


NO downtime required for this mirror process.






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