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Different Commands For Paging Space Administration

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This post will talk about various commands involved to carry out paging space administration.

The first and foremost command always used is to check the already available paging space present in the server. To list all the paging spaces, command used is:

# lsps –a

But if admin wants to check summary of all the paging spaces available, to list summary, command used is:

# lsps –s

To create a new paging space:

# mkps –s <number of LPs> <vgname>

For eg:

# mkps –s 10 oracle_vg

This will create a paging space with default name for eg: paging01

Once created, admin can verify the same by running the command to list paging space once again,

# lsps –a

To activate the paging space:

# swapon /dev/paging01

To extend paging space:

# chps –s <number of LPs to be added> <paging space name>

For eg:

# chps –s 10 paging01

This will add additional 10 LPs to paging01.

To reduce the number of LPs from a paging space, command used is:

# cjps –d <number of LPs to be reduced> <paging space name>

For eg:

# chps –d 10 paging01

All the commands admin execute can verify the result by running the command to list the paging space:

# lsps –a

To deactivate the paging space:

# swapoff /dev/paging01

To completely remove the paging space, first admin needs to deactivate it and then run the command to remove it:

# rmps paging01

Command to activate all the paging space listed:

# swapon –a


# swap –activate

Command to deactivate all the paging space listed:

# swap –deactivate

All the paging space is defined in /etc/swapspaces.

Can be checked by running the following command:

# Cat /etc/swapspaces

With this post, I covered nearly all the topics to understand the basics of LVM.

I hope you find the blog till date interesting and worth reading.

Happy Learning till then!

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