How to install filesets/software in aix?

How to install filesets/software in aix?

How to install filesets/software in aix?



To install the fileset from the cd:

First create the directory (mount point)   #mkdir cdmnt

Mount the cdrom    #mount –v cdrfs –o ro /dev/cd0 /cdmnt

Then go to /cdmnt folder  #cd cdmnt

To find the file set using command:  #installp –Ld /dev/cd0|grep bos.perf*

To install the fileset using #installp –agxpd /dev/cd0   (for preview)

To install the fileset using #installp –agxd /dev/cd0    (for installation)

To install the fileset in commit : #installp –acgXd /dev/cd0   filesetname  (important)


To install the filesets with options:

#installp –agxpd /dev/cd0   (to install)

 #installp –rg filesetname (to reject the applied fileset)

#installp –cgx filesetname (to commit the applied fileset (permanent installation)

#installp –ugp filesetname ( to remove the fileset)

#installp -s         --> check if any os filesets in applied mode

#installp –C (to clear the broken fileset)



a –  Applied the fileset, 

r-    Reject the fileset,   

c-   Commit the fileset,  

C - To clear the broken filesets

f -  Files available

w-  Find which fileset,

h-  History,

u-  Remove.



lppchk and lslpp functionality


#lppchk –v filesetname ( to check the consistency of the fileset.)(verify the installed fileset)

#lppchk –vm3      --> check currently installed filesets are consistent

#lslpp –f filesetname (what are the files available in fileset)

#lslpp –w /usr/bin/ls (To find the file, which is installed from which fileset)

lslpp –h filesetname ( to find the history of the fileset and findout the level of the OS)


loopmount -i ./AIX_v7.2_Base_Install_TL_7200-02-00_Flash_102017.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /cdrom
mkdir -p /cdrom
installp -acgXd /cdrom bos.loc.utf.EN_US


/nas/install/iso/AIX_v_7_2 # lslpp -l | grep utf COMMITTED Common Locale Support - UTF-8
bos.loc.utf.EN_US COMMITTED Base System Locale UTF Code





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