AIX perf how to

Run for 10 minutes / 600 seconds. The perfpmr run should be
    captured while the system is affected by the performance issue.

    The perfPMR script is being updated on a regular basis.

    Please complete the questions asked in the PROBLEM.INFO file
    included in the perfPMR package and copy it to the perfPMR
    data directory. Your answers will be crucial to our analysis.


        1. Ensure there is enough space in /tmp
                # df -g

        2. Create perfpmr file directory
                # mkdir /tmp/perf71
                # cd /tmp/perf71

        3. Download the perfpmr files from the following link:

        4. Extract the perfpmr files
                # zcat perf71.tar.Z | tar -xvf -

        5. Create a new directory for perfpmr data files to be created
                # mkdir /tmp/perfdata
                # cd /tmp/perfdata

        6. Run perfpmr script from the perfdata directory (typically
           takes 10-20 minutes depending on how large your system is)
                # /tmp/perf71/ 600

        7. After completion of the perfpmr
                # cd /tmp
                # pax -xpax -vw perfdata | gzip -c >

        8. Please use the following link to upload the perfpmr.
           Make sure to use the case tab to upload, also use the same for future uploads.
           In the 'Case number:' field enter the case number TS001248843.

        For detailed information about running a perfpmr:

        If you have any further questions or concerns please reply back
        to this e-mail. Please let me know once you uploaded the perfpmr

   Upload log file  as follows:                                          

by using http:     

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