Burn Image to DVD in AIX

Burn Image to DVD in AIX

Burn Image to DVD
there are two ways to restore a mksysb file.  One is to use NIM, the other is to burn the mksysb image onto

  This was the copying a mksysb image to a DVD or creating an ISO
image with the entire DVD image in it.  So I'll just give you some
sample commands:

To create the mksysb image:
# mksysb -i /some/file
Note: Make sure that the filesystem you are using is either larg-file
enabled JFS or JFS2.

To burn that mksysb image onto a DVD (using UDF format):
# mkdvd -U -m /some/file -d /dev/cd0
This will skip the step of creating the mksysb image and use the one you
specify.  Again, this must be done on a system at the same ML or higher
than the original system.

To create an ISO image of the DVD:
# mkdvd -S -m /some/file -d /dev/cd0
If you want the mkdvd command to create the mksysb image for you, just
leave out the -m flag:
# mkdvd -S -d /dev/cd0

To burn an ISO image using an AIX system:
# burn_cd -d /dev/cd0 /some/ISO_file
Note: The -d flag indicates that this is a DVD.  For CDs, leave the -d
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