Installation of the Virtual I/O Server directly from the HMC

Installation of the Virtual I/O Server directly from the HMC

 HMC firmware version 7.7.7 allows installation of the Virtual I/O Server directly from the HMC.


1.Download VIOS installation .iso images from IBM website.

2.Copy installation images to the HMC. Go to HMC Management – Manage Virtual I/O Server Image Repository

HMC-ManageVIOS Image repository
3.Complete information where the images can be copied from
HMC-ManageVIOS Image repository_details
HMC-ManageVIOS Image repository_result
4. Select your brand new VIOS partition profile, and click Operations – Activate – Profile and select Yes for Install Virtual I/O Server as part of activation process?
HMC-ManageVIOS Image repository_install
5. Type in the IP address, subnet mask and default gateway for VIOS.
HMC-ManageVIOS Image repository_IP
6. The installation process starts. It will do everything what is necessary to install the VIOS. HMC-ManageVIOS Image repository_installation_process

HMC console acts as a NIM server. Therefore, if the console is behind the firewall, you must ensure that all ports required by NIM are opened.

7. When the installation finished, open virtual terminal in the HMC vtmenu , and do the first login to the VIOS with a default password padmin for padmin user.

Once the VIOS is installed, you can use it as virtual media repository. It allows you to create virtual drive where you can load OS installation images (IBM i, AIX, or Linux) and proceed with OS installation completely remotely.
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