How To Mirror VG and Root VG

How To Mirror VG and Root VG

There are steps involved through which administrator can mirror a VG and RootVg.

Steps tp mirror a VG:

Step 1: Extend the VG.

# extendvg <vgname> <pvname>

Step 2: mirror the VG.

# mirrorvg <vgname> <pvname>

Step 3: synchronize the VG.

# syncvg <vgname>


Steps to mirror RootVg:

There are steps by which admin can mirror a root vg:

Step 1: extend rootvg to a new pv:

# extendvg rootvg <pvname>

For eg:

# extendvg rootvg hdisk6

Step 2: mirror rootvg

# mirrorvg –m rootvg hdisk6

Step 3: make it bootable:

# bosboot –ad /dev/hdisk6

Step 4: define boot order:

# bootlist –m normal hdisk4 hdisk6

Step 5: synchronize rootvg:

# syncvg rootvg

Reboot OS to disable quorum checking on rootvg (By default disabled, when rootvg is mirrored but reboot is required).

Why rootvg is mirrored?

The main reason to mirror rootvg is to protect OS from disk failure.

Happy Learning !


VG Commands

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Although we have already discussed the use of VG Commands in detail in previous posts on LVM, this post will give a brief review about the various VG commands we have learned so far.

# mkvg

Command is used to create a new VG.

# extendvg

Command is used to add PVs to VG.

# reducevg

Command is used to remove PV from VG.

# chvg

Command is used to change VG.

# lsvg

Command is used to list all the VG in the system.

# importvg

Command is used to add/install a VG.

# exportvg

Command is used remove the VG from the system. we will discuss about the significance of exportvg command in detail in posts to come.

# reorgvg

Command is used to reorganize the VG.

# syncvg

Command is used to synchronize a VG.

# varyonvg

Command is used to make VG available to the system for use.

# varyoffvg

Command is used to make VG unavailable to the system.

# mirrorvg

Command is used to mirror all LV within a VG.




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